page title icon Natural Learning Cycle- A toolkit for youth and outdoor learning providers.

Natural Learning Cycle- A toolkit for youth and outdoor learning providers

This residential training course is for people who work with young people. This experiential learning course will give both an experiential immersion, clear pedagogical method and a realistic pathway to apply the methods you have learned into your existing program structure. 

Using an expanded form of flow learning, we take a deep dive into routines that encourage connection; with the outdoors, with people and with ourselves.

The last phase of the course takes a critical look at how best to integrate these tools, techniques and routines to benefit the clients you serve.

From experience, course participants will trust the efficacy and power of the activities. The ‘Core Routines for Nature Connection’ are a range of powerful and simple techniques. Some ingredients focus on quiet solo reflection, some group sharing, others still tap into the senses. Taken together, they are an essential recipe for cultivating healthy relationships.

I have worked with young people with challenging behaviour for many years and am confident that you can learn the skills to deliver this powerful work in a way that is palatable for your clients and (re)discover routines that will be of lasting value in your personal and professional lives. Additional support for integration into the workplace is available for an additional fee on request.

Please contact me for a pdf. outlining course content and structure.


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