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‘I practically support the running of expeditions, courses & events.

Getting resources and people in the right place at the right time, creating & maintaining semi-permanent or transient camps, tending to the groups needs and keeping the fire burning.

I’m here to support you with what you need to run a successful foray.’

Expeditions, courses, events & retreats

Good design and mindful pastoral care goes a significant way toward ensuring a healthy culture of support amongst the group participants.  From this place, an event becomes a quality experience.

A well run expedition, course, event & retreat requires good planning, logistical support and tending of the groups needs. The primary focus for facilitators during a trip is on programme content, in fact, the more the leader can focus on this area the stronger the learning… S/he therefore requires a team.

So, if you need someone to drive the bus, pull the trailer, light the fire, keep the camp sweet or take the reins; give me a call!

Programme Delivery

I often jokingly refer to myself as ‘The Tea Boy’; I offer a range of unseen services, stealthily supporting a trip from road shuttles, camp set up/camp tending and any pastoral support tailored to the aims and intentions of the workshop leader(s).

I am also well versed in ‘harvesting’ the stories of the day around the fire; supplementing the time with stories and songs- drawing out the gifts from the group members, over an evening meal or celebration.

So, if you need a truly useful, competent second; give me a call!


I am available for setting up transient or semi-permanent resources to create the facilities you need.

Partly through a need for creativity and partly through a desire for best practice. I have a penchant for meeting human needs skillfully and with low impact on the environment…

Some obvious needs may include:

*Camp Kitchen   *Cookstoves.   *Covered seating areas and benches   *Composting toilets   *Greywater areas   *Defined working areas/spaces   *A central hearth.

Thai Yoga Massage

Extended events can have an impact on the body. A tired body often has a detrimental impact on learning and performance. To support recovery and wellbeing, I am available for massage work at a very affordable rate. Working by releasing tensions at the origin, insertion and blades of the muscles, TYM is particularly effective in releasing tensions; it often proves very useful when you or the group could really do with stretching and warming down but are just too tired too bother. A session typically lasts 2 hours.

My intention in all these areas is to support a culture of caring and tending and fostering a sense of creativity to meet our needs well.

‘Huddled from the rain I am,
amongst my tribe;
making the best of it.’

Rhyddian Knight