page title icon Culture Happens! Managing your Team.

This course is about creating and maintaining a healthy organizational culture of peacemaking, team congruence and conduct. 

‘On the same page’, ‘All in the same boat’, ‘pulling in the same direction.’ are words we hear most days, but just how much an effect could organizations really achieve with a oneness of mind?

Outdoor learning is a well placed container for challenging and observing conduct and building teams.  Some ‘team-building events’ often fall short of the mark in establishing ‘buy in’ and integrating the experience into the workplace.  I offer a teambuilding residential with a difference.

As a manager, HR person or director it is often your responsibility for ensuring good group conduct and congruence in terms of how your team delivers its service.  My commitment is towards supporting an organizational culture of Unity.

Nature connection and reflective practice lies at its heart.  Please contact me to discuss your needs, budget and availability.

Please contact me for a pdf. outlining course content and structure.


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