‘I offer my bundle of facilitation and practical skills in service to your project, programme or organisation and the learning outcomes you wish to achieve.

Tracker, Teaser, Teacher, Trustee – it’s the job of a facilitator to deftly hold the threads of the weave, in service to the learning journey…’

My Commitment…

I stand for inclusion. This means that I place a strong emphasis on approachability, ‘buy in’ and that the experience is relevant. Safety. Fun. Learning. Everytime!

My commitment is towards a learning culture of inclusion. My baseline is to support and weave a group culture of fostering curiosity,integrity,creativity, a sense of upright minds, care taking- of self, others and environment and nurturing nature connection.

I am also committed to adaptation and lifelong learning. In the spirit of service, i make myself available as a facilitator to deliver your curriculum or outdoor programs in innovative ways.

Here are some threads I hold well for wefting into your work…

  • GROUPWORK:  forming, trust, group-building, problem-solving and social games, activities & ‘events’.
  • REFLECTION:  Reviewing tools for revisiting, harvesting & learning from outdoor experience.
  • OUTDOOR CONNECTION:  Cultivating playful & engaging routines of discovery, exploration and sharing of nature based experience.
  • CANOE:  Loch or river based canadian canoe sessions, expeditions and explorations tailored to needs of group.
  •  FOREST SCHOOL:  Individual sessions, explorations and residential programmes.
  • NATURAL BUILDING:   Solution focused subsistence activities using locally available resources to meet human needs creatively,
  • YOGA NIDRA:  Visualisation, relaxation and restorative exercises.
  • PLANNING & MENTORING:  Collaborative programme planning and collaborative leadership.

Nature Connection vs Natures playground…

More often than not, the focus for outdoor experience lies on a shallow level; ranging from the expedition for its own sake, or some arbitrary or contrived aims. Nature based experience or nature encounters are not held in a way/given the deserved credence which can allow individual or cultural metaphors to emerge. To guide a person home to themselves however, requires a different approach…

Meaningful Connection with the out-of-doors has to be given credence and time in group culture. My work therefore places group emphasis on honouring gifts, sharing observations, stories and experiences; validating participants experience and cultivating a sense of group support in journeying further into the heart of experience.

The Natural Learning Cycle

I use an expanded form of flow learning to plan and structure content in my sessions. The trajectory set forth in this model, frees learners up to ‘simply experience’ first; and, in due course, integrate their learning within the cultural context and roles they inhabit in their village, workplace or community.