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Together we’ll explore the leading edges where creativity lives & life thrives.

Taigh (Home) Hyphae (Hi-Fi) is for audiophiles in search of regenerative & connective human culture in an animate world.

This is the home economics class you wish your parents had!

Shared skills, insights, resources, humour & funky interviews form a community of practice; as we explore what it means to meet needs creatively in challenging times.

Nested in the community of Tighnabruaich on the Cowal peninsula as a woodland croft business, Rhyddian showcases shared practice from folk learning to thrive with nature & share their liminal experiences.

Topics we discuss

It might feel good
It might sound a lil’ somethin’
But damn the game
If it don’t mean nuttin’

I got game

She got game

We got game

Goals of Our Podcast

What is game who got game
Where’s the game
In life
Behind the game
Behind the game

They got game

He got game

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