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In this episode I focus in on two foraged friends we are harvesting from the woods and consuming as a family this time of year. Reflecting on what it means to have a continuing relationship with fungal species and the landscape in which they are gathered; i share a little bit of gratitude for birch polypore and turkey tail mushrooms.

Some ‘early adopters’ i mentioned in the podcast I was fortunate enough to meet earlier in my journey:

Adam Deleo of Adams Mushrooms,

Mark Williams of Galloway Wild Foods

New concept of ‘Lifeway’, as wiki has it ‘an interpretive effort to express indigenous understandings of human-earth relations as an interactive and pervasive context that outsiders might label religion’; brought to my attention via an Art of Mentoring International forum post here.

Mycologist Paul Stamet’s classic lecturette 6 mushrooms can save the world here.

Taigh Hyphae
Taigh Hyphae
Mushroom Tea

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