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This week is a bit of an ancestral odyssey normally reserved for autumn. Join Mark Morey & I as he tells a tale of breaking through the veil of fixed thinking and discovering a magical treasure island that held a bumper cache of acorns in December.

We explore Marks relationship with one of his ancestral food sources, a seasonal ritual he renews each time the harvest time comes around. We look at the practicality of harvesting & processing acorn flour and also dive deeper into reflections on the impact of seasonal foraging on raising healthy and resilient children.

There was some gold for me in this interview about breaking the cycle of fixed brain patterning.

“Treasure is always there in plain sight, but its our mindset- like the tide- it comes in & its goneā€¦ like in all the mythic movies the portal is there and then it’s gone and then an amnesia comes in…. And then, by fate, intention, luck, synchronicity or will the tide goes back out and the land bridge appears ….. & you make your way across into abundance”. [Mark Morey]

Taigh Hyphae
Taigh Hyphae

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