page title icon Spring News 2018- A retrospective

There were some clear intentions again this year…. didn’t quite find the time to publicly state them…

Goal No #1: 

Two becomes Three.  Tick.

Goal No #2: 

Howl for future generations.

Douglas came and we piloted the Hebridean Adventure Camp.

Goal No #3: 

Bring it on.

Ian Moore of Candigram came & helped smash a crowdfund appeal.  So proud of the team who pulled this off whilst co-currently running back to back residential s throughout the summer.

Goal No 4:

Where time permits, keep learning.

I invested in an expedition Bermudan rig with Solway Dory for the canoe.

I’m working through a VHF radio course and am collating quality mountain days for an assessment.  Following a fireside conversation on the isle of Eigg, i’m in receipt of a jig for making nutting/blackberrying sticks… watch this space.

Goal #No: 5

Tend some partnerships that build to Last.



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