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We want to thank all who’ve helped make a noise about our project so far.  Supporters, sharers, anonymous donors & well wishers; we’re sounding the horns for you.

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 High Fiver!

Every little helps, & your donation gives us faith that people out there are wishing us well & keeps the campaign chugging along.

  • Konstanze McLeod.
  • Rosie Balyuzi.
  • Keith Mitchell.
  • Chris Yule.
  • Joni Phippin.
  • Heidi Thompson.

Friends & Partners.

We’re planting saplings in the landscape with a hope that the act of tending brings resilience for all our human & non-human relations.  We’re gonna let you know how we get on; so do stay connected.

  • Sarena
  • Becky Little.
  • Miriam.
  • Richard Paterson.
  • Paula Cowie.
  • Jane Bruce.
  • Sarah Dawson.
  • Simon Potts.
  • Chris Harrendence.
  • Chris Holland.
  • Audrey.
  • Julie Lyddon.
  • Blanche.
  • Audrey Morrison.
  • Dana Archarya.
  • Ruth Sparkleberry.
  • Ben.


Howdy!  We hope other people are getting it together in their communities too; so we hope that you’ll keep us connected to other places.

  • Linda Elizabeth Knight.
  • Dave Weirdigan.
  • The Six Bells Pub, Coity; Bridgend.
  • Sara Rasmussen.
  • Linda Elizabeth Knight on behalf of Mrs Rita Jones.
  • Elly Kinross.
  • Daphne Francis.
  • Peter Cow.
  • Christopher Raymont.
  • Jill & Jeremy.
  • Myles Farnbank.
  • Heidi Thompson.
  • Morag McDonald.
  • Roisin
  • Emily Fawcett.
  • Christopher Raymont.

The Good Craic Pack:

Everyone likes a good story, they’re timeless & rooted in place; like beacons…

  • Geoff & Fuggo King.
  • Rebecca David-Knight.
  • ‘c’ (You know who you are you are!).
  • Hugh Mackay.
  • Steve Burgess.
  • Sula Grigg.
  • Ruth Bradley.
  • Malcolm.
  • Irina van de Male.
  • Hugh Mackay on behalf of family members.
  • Penny Watson.
  • Anonymous.
  • Will & Margaret

Total Legend

Some things take a few years to make.  Quality, like a regenerating stem in the copse, we hope; will last more than a lifetime.

  • Johnny Wells.
  • Diarmid Baillie.


Bursary Bonanza.

It was the best name we could think of at the time to describe guaranteeing a space for two young people from low income families on our first camp. We think it’ll make you smile…

  • Elke Hubble.

 Behind the Scenes.

If you haven’t seen our crowdfunding video yet, have a look. We think it’s pretty epic.  That’s largely due to our friend & all round creative genius Ian Moore aka Ianto.

One day he’ll be a really famous writer/director but for now he’s happy to get up on a Sunday morning and traipse out to the River Findhorn.  We secretly hope he’ll still do that when he’s minted.

The pipe tunes played  by Iain (not Ian) Findlay on the small pipes. He’s also guesting on whistle on the ‘Total Legend’ video.  More about Iain and the particular tune he played later.  He doesn’t have a phone & he likes it that way; but it’s tough for his friends in other regions who want to get hold of him sometimes.


Way Back When…

We launched on June 1st 2015.  Here’s a video of our ‘rough cut’ appreciations with slightly better audio than the first hasty edit; you can hear our voices on this one!   Thanks to Jay Pee & the Moray Local Exchange Trading System for assisting at such short notice.

Stay in Touch

Do check back in for updates as this page evolves.  Alternatively, you can see some progress on my facebook or twitter feed by clicking the icons in the top right hand corner of this page or subscribe to the Start Some Good crowdfund updates.

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Stay involved by signing up for updates here:


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