Who’s organising things anyway?

Free Training: Supporting Grassroots Leadership.

Like many in Scotland during 2014, I ‘dared to dream’ what local autonomy & self determination could look like. Whatever your opinion was about the referendum, what was achieved as a result is many peoples imaginations were kindled, and local autonomous groups and movements emerged across the country with folk across multiple generations hungry for pro-social & environmental change.

I have a conviction that given opportunity, local people find innovative solutions to local issues.  With both knowledge of place & unending creativity, solutions to things ’emerge’ given the right conditions & if enough of ‘us’ can provide ways to share how to stimulate the ‘right conditions’; we might well make a world we feel hopeful about.


I’m offering a short course at no charge; with the aim of placing some systemic tools into the hands of groups that are organising solutions to issues that affect their community.

I’m thinking short presentation followed by internalising & integrating the content to local realities by people in the room through some simple open space technologies.

Over a 2-3 hour session, we’d cover:

  • What the acorn model for regenerative cultural design is about.
  • How it’s been applied for forming teams of engaged citizens to creatively deliver community events, programmes, organisations & campaigns.
  • Suggestions for how to use it for renewing leadership, cultural mentoring, keeping things fresh and avoiding burnout.


As i live in the Inverness area, i figure that’s the best place to be most involved.  However, if an invitation is genuine, i’d consider traveling to other regions; but would require help with travel and flexibility when negotiating a date.


By invitation, I aim to trial a range of free, bespoke talks & presentations in 2015. Evenings are good.

What for?

I hope this gesture will also help me move a little outside my usual haunts i.e. from the outdoor classroom & take short excursions into spheres which i can both contribute too and get insight from; without massive divergences from my day to day obligations.


As a popular education specialist working with indigenous marginalised grassroots communities put to me:

“What if a group of facilitators passed on their different systemic tools for change to folk that really want it, for free, across all the regions of the country; through the fantastic grassroots networks that have up following the referendum?

It was a revolutionary proposition.  I said “lets do it; but lets start small & see what’s fun”.  Will you join in?.


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