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Subsoil and soulful cob discovery sessions…

Laura Gamwell and I are very pleased to offer some affordable, practical and enjoyable Cob-building taster sessions that we have dubbed (or is that daubed?!) -Muddy Tasters!

Why a Taster?

Cob offers many benefits.   We want to offer people a glimpse of the experience and it’s application without a huge financial or time commitment.  By engaging in a taster day or weekend taster, we figure people will be better informed to choose a longer or more in-depth course and continue a learning journey. There is no substitute for experience!

A day or weekend could look like this….

  • Learn by doing:   identify a successful mix from local subsoil’s and problem solve how to adapt and test your mix for the results you need.
  • Learn how to adapt your mixes to build for structural, sculptural, insulative or fire-resistance.
  • Learn how to assemble a cobbers toolkit and how to trim and consolidate structural cob between ‘lifts’.
  • Build and use form-work to produce bricks for curing in the winter season- cob all the year round!
  • Participate in an achievable natural building project: choosing from an outdoor bench, a mini hot tub or an experimental oven base; we will build something of lasting value together.
  • In social time, we anticipate an opportunity to discuss potential ‘next steps’ for aspirants that wish to continue their learning journey and/or undertake a project of their own.

This is an immersive community-orientated building course, so do expect to share your own experiences, be grouped together occasionally for guided discovery sessions and above all; trust the experience!

Please bring a dish to share and some old clothes; you can expect to get muddy and get in amongst the Great Scottish Outdoors!

Muddy Tasters are available on request and you may occasionally find some dates here.

rhyddian and laura



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