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I’m often asked: ‘Can you take me out in a Canoe? Finally, the answer is ‘YES!’

Scotland is blessed with wild life; much of it accessible by water.  In Morayshire, my home, so much can be experienced in explorations along the mighty Findhorn or the majestic Spey.
I offer a very affordable day rate for a quality canoe trip tailored to your needs.  This could consist of elements such as coaching, exploraton, visits to sites of local interest, wild harvesting, rapid riding thrills and spills, filming or photography, fire-making or even just lying on your back being paddled throgh sun dappled stretches.
My  rate is 65 pounds a day for guiding and equipment plus any travel expenses incurred.  That works out about minimum wage plus expenses.  Overnight and/or multi-day trips can be negociated on request.  I am sometimes even kinder to friends and associates too if i can afford it.


  1. Really?  I get a personal guide to take me down river in a canadian canoe, doing what i want to do for 65 pounds a day? YES
  2. Can you take my little one? S/he is under twelve years old.  NO
  3. Can more than one person come for this rate?  NO, unless you’ve got your own boat.