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Think Big! Build Small!

‘Inspiring spaces-small footprints-hopeful futures’

These hands-on, family-friendly natural building events teach you and yours all you need to hand-build a dwelling from cob.

This course affords adults the chance to learn, children to revel in, and the whole group to explore the reality of building an affordable dwelling whilst living within the rhythms of an inter-generational group.  For dates of any Dinky Dwellings going up; please click here
cobbing through the window
Why intergenerational? We have a sense that formative experiences of playing with and around natural building materials, things made in and of community, is good for our collective future.
the clay stomping pit!
No matter what age or stage in life, be it full or part time; we all need a dinky dwelling close to the land in our lives!
a dinky dwelling in progress

Practical sessions will cover:

  • The location and testing of suitable materials.
  • Mixing cob successfully by foot and using machinery. How to adapt your mixes to suit the conditions and elements in the design.
  • Sculpting with cob/ How to create free flowing forms, integrated niches and decoration
  • Learning different techniques of building and trimming walls both freeform and using forms.
  • How to incorporate windows, doors and services into cob buildings.
  • Cob and carpentry, creating suitable roof designs for your cob structure.

rhyddian and laura

Theory/design sessions will include:

  • Using our site as an example, how to assess your site and build holistically, taking into consideration passive solar design, drainage, natural features, flora and fauna.
  • The design of cob buildings. How to sculpt spaces that reflect your needs.
  • How other sustainable building techniques such as straw bale, light straw clay and round pole timber frame can be used in conjunction with cob to create hybrid designs.
  • Natural floors, paints and other finishes.

a short theory session

During the week; we ensure:

  • Plenty of space for inter-generational muddy mingling.
  • Solo, one on one, small group, reflective and ‘whole village’ based learning opportunities.
  • Hearty vegetarian meals and evening fireside craic.
  • Nature-play based activities for children during short theory sessions.

tea breaks

Will your next step be bold AND muddy?

Whether a grandparent, parent, young adult or youth, if you are ready to take responsibility for the well-being of yourself, your family and your community, join us for a week of experiential natural building, nature connection, and serious fun.
taking resposibility

For dates of any Dinky Dwellings going up; please click here

If you fancy hosting a dinky course at a grid reference of your choosing; please contact us

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