page title icon Teambuilding in the outdoors

‘On the same page’, ‘All in the same boat’, ‘……….’ are words we hear most days, but just how much an effect could organizations really achieve with a oneness of mind?

Apathy, cognitive disassociation, disorientation or conflicting priorities as well as human relationships are often as much of a barrier to this as is the actual training for ‘getting the job done’.

Outdoor learning is a well placed container for challenging and observing conduct and building teams.  Some ‘team-building events’ often fall short of the mark in establishing ‘buy in’ and integrating the experience into the workplace.

I offer a teambuilding residential with a difference. Nature connection and reflective practice lies at its heart.

I offer a comprehensive service to organizations to:

  1. identify the focus or barriers to group cohesion with manager
  2. Suggest a time frame for residential events
  3. Meet the workers and orientate them to the work
  4. Select team and run…
  5. Follow up visit with team and manager
  • Codes of respect
  • Coaching
  • Honouring commitments
  • Honouring ancestors
  • Honour and unity
  • Creative corrective discipline
  • Strive for Unity
  • Self-Sufficiency

Flow learning model allows participants to forget the specific context and immerse in the experience until the internalisation and integration phase.