page title icon Facilitation-Natural building and subsistence activities.

I trained with Ianto Evans of the North American School of Natural Building in 2007.  Since that time, i have discovered the efficacy and power using primary materials with groups for a variety of ends.

In fact, i have discovered that practical work, particularly when it serves human needs creatively or supports biodiversity; is often of more value than contrived or arbitrary team building or problem solving ‘exercises’.

I wish to list my skill set here but,please be aware that the physical outcome or practical skills learned in a natural building or subsistence activity session; is but one set of outcomes.  Sessions can be structured to meet the desired learning outcomes you wish to achieve for your group or through collaborative planning with myself.

I offer tailored sessions in:

  • Shelter building.
  • Fire making.
  • Camp cooking and campcraft.
  • Cob construction [Please contact me for a list or to discuss suitability].
  • Oven making.
  • Camp stoves.
  • Fireplaces.
  • Rocket stoves.