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I have worked with Rhyddian for seven years and during this time witnessed his commitment to outdoor learning and his considerable skill within the field.

Within this structure, Rhyddian has shown himself to be extremely adept at using outdoor and conservation activities as a medium for encouraging young people to learn and develop. His main strength lies in running well planned and creative sessions that inspire participants to try new things and discover more about themselves.

Rhyddian is a values driven individual, who lives his life according to strongly held principles. One of Rhyddian’s great strengths as a practitioner is that he provides young people and volunteers with a role model who embodies an interesting and alternative lifestyle. Simply by being the person he is and the enthusiasm he shows for life are powerful learning tools that he uses within his leadership.
In addition, Rhyddian is a highly committed professional and strives to provide excellent learning experiences to all he works with.

Rhyddian has always reflected deeply about his practice and taken every opportunity to enhance his skills and knowledge base within the field. This has included building up his hard skills particularly relating to his canoeing, which is of an excellent standard.

Rhyddian has designed and delivered a range of outdoor based courses to volunteer groups primarily on conservation themes and in the area of natural building. Some of these courses have been long and complex with course participants on site for up to 10 days at a stretch. This type of work requires excellent organisation skills and the ability to lead fellow team members in delivering both training course content as well as look after the basic needs of participants. I have personally witnessed Rhyddian carry out this work and been inspired by the results it has produced.

Rhyddian has an excellent facilitation style that is very well received by young people, volunteers and training course participants alike. He has a friendly, accessible and creative style that is very engaging. He also has very well developed skills in the area of managing difficult behaviour and has led groups with a wide variety of complex needs.

Rhyddian has worked under the framework of AALA and under the guidance of a highly skilled and experienced Technical Advisor. This has enabled him to develop a sound understanding of excellent practice in relation to operating safely and effectively in the outdoor environment.

Rhyddian takes an interest in the wider field of outdoor learning and has formed an extensive network with fellow professionals involved in outdoor education and conservation.

Rhyddian was a key member of a small but committed team of professional staff that work alongside the 150 volunteer leaders that are involved in the charity. Rhyddian always had a lot to contribute as a team member and maintained excellent relationships with the diverse range of volunteers that support our work.

I would highly commend Rhyddian to any organisation or individual working in the field of outdoor learning.

Thanks for the weekend training – I really enjoyed the approach.

I found myself walking the girls to school like a fox!

— Neil Schofield, Freelance Outdoor Leader.

Yo Rhyddian,
Just a quick one to say thank you so much for the Cob Tutorial…passed the knowledge and fancy footwork on to various teams of volunteers, and the cobbing is almost complete now- one more good day should do it.

We’ve had some heavy driving rain often and the walls haven’t even got wet. So all’s well! Just putting finishing touches to inside and ordering a Windy Smithy stove. Will send out house warming invite very soon!

— ‘Amy’. Location withheld on request.

Rhydd is a person I have a lot of time for. His passion speaks to me and I relish being in his company. He challenges me to look at the way and the why (I work with young people) and I always come away from his company feeling refreshed and invigorated.

— Jerome Kyndt, Outdoor Development Worker

Theres a quality to his thinking that brings a mindfulness to what we do and I think this greatly enhances the work and the experience of staff, volunteers and participants.

— Niamh Condren