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I’ve been on the national grid for nearly a year now. This weeks podcast is a creative response to being cut off from the service.

I pay a unit rate of 16.35p per kWh and a standing charge 29.05p per day. That’s the price I pay for my family to keep warm, heat food and water, take hot showers, see in the dark, work from home, communicate with the outside world and play beats. All well and good, but what happens when the grid goes down?

On a key meter? apparently the cats at bulb energy are the best … I heard that from my buddy Iain who was an energy advisor; but don’t take his word for it… check it out for yourself here and see what you think. If you go for it they give you and I fifty quid; which is handy.

Taigh Hyphae
Taigh Hyphae

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