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  1. Well bejingo, this is all well and lovely, inspiring and motivational, I’m sure you agree.
    It’s been an uplifting read and is absolutely a grand reflection of the commitment and long held vision of yours.
    Congratulations Mr. Knight, a great accomplishment indeed. I would be very interested, for further reading and knowledge building of the different aspects of your life and work, to maybe have a page of testimonials. What do you feel? It sort of offers us, the not so knowledgeable, another facet of the diamond that you are, further information, after whetting our appetite. Well done both of you. x

    Also I have today, sent away for some Lion’s Mane capsules as well as Mushroom Complex 6 | 120 Capsules | Maximum Strength 12000mg per Capsule | Chaga, Cordyceps, Shiitake, Reishi, Lions Mane, Maitake | Zero Additives |

    Both from Time Health, I did a lot of research and hope I have chosen well. Maybe towards the end of January, once I have had time to take the above, we could have a chat over the phone, which could be recorded, as I’m sure it will have a great educational value in regard to learning about mushrooms, mycelium and health, as well as how we choose what to take.

    I love what you do and hold both you and Laura in high regard as beautiful human beings. I wish you a wonderful future, a beautiful Solstice, Yuletide and Christmas time. May 2021 support your dreams, humanity’s raise of consciousness and a better world for children.

    Sending you loads of love always.


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