page title icon #COP 26 special- Reforest the Mind

Closing speeches from Minga Indigena and the climate coalition on Glasgow Green on the Global Day of action on November 6th 2021.

A special edition to amplify the voices of our leaders and strengthen (y)our active dissent of the rhetoric and greenwash from inside the conference.

Reforest the Mind!

Taigh Hyphae
Taigh Hyphae
#COP 26 special- Reforest the Mind

2 thoughts on “#COP 26 special- Reforest the Mind”

  1. ………While the rich “hoard their vaccines while millions are dying around the world”… “we see what they’re trying to do” ~ really!? I wish just one Greeny/Lefty-globalist would at least try to explain that to me with some detail. Sure COP is Greenwash, but what about it’s inherent Redwash!? Surely, the global fascism emerging before our eyes/screens ~ via collectivism, as usual ~ is more than just a distraction from ‘the big picture’?

    Corporate power was mentioned numerous times ~ just those usual, iconic ones though. So the only issue with Big Pharma, is that they’re not sharing their miracle cure more fairly (being selfish like). Whilst there’s no mention of any unholy alliance of the MIC/Medical/Communications industries…

    Still, I console myself with the thought that “totalitarianism always eats itself” ~ as elucidated by Hannah Arendt, soon after two world wars ~ when Left & Right sort of meant something.

    Eco-communism and Bio-fascism is more popular now!……


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