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‘I offer my experience, innovation and facilitation skills to deliver training and curriculum for training providers & practitioners’

I once asked a training consultant in an off guard moment the difference between offering a day of training versus a day of facilitation:

Her reply? About £450!

I am not in a position to compete for tenders in the media driven marketplace. Instead I am making myself available to existing training providers as a string to their bow and offer occaisional courses as demand and need arises.

What I’m not prepared to do…

Bad training often involves the deliverer reading from a script, doling out handouts in front of caffeinated workers straining to take in reams of information or concepts. Been there?

What I am prepared to do…

Good training places the same information and concepts into a learning context that feels far more natural. There is rapport between participants. It takes the curriculum and presents it in a novel, engaging fashion. The lunch is excellent. Been There?

What I Love to do with other(s)…

Excellent training plans for emergence.  It takes into account key phases in its programme planning to facilitate change. Excellent training has the learners engaged in activities whereby they are gaining primary experience of the concepts before they are presented. The providers are engaged in the learning along with the clients. It takes into account the role of attitudes, behaviours and cultural norms in influencing action and choice. It has elements of internalisation and integration; leaving learners with clear next steps and a framework of support as a direct learning outcome.

Given enough planning and time, excellent training can be truly transformational; leading to transpersonal shifts from a place of relative isolation to a sense of identification with a larger body. Been there?

‘We all deserve affordable, excellent training.  I am interested in delivering training alongside companies & practitioners that think that way too.’