Hebridean Adventure Camp.

22nd-30th June 2017.  [incorporating family camp 29th-30th June.]

Having incubated the idea for a year, exploring ways of adapting the programme to the unique Scottish environment and cultural context, Coyote Camp Scotland, aka The Hebridean Adventure Camp launches in June 2016, delivered by Camas Outdoor Activity Centre on the Island of Mull in The Inner Hebrides on behalf of the Iona Community.


The Invitation…

Are you 13-16 years old? Come with us on an adventure into the wild that will challenge you to grow and push your limits in healthy ways. 

We will learn from the animals how to move silently, and to blend in to the landscape thus becoming invisible.   We will learn how to tell from bird communication whether there is danger or safety.  We will explore traditional arts of staying warm and dry with minimal equipment.  Martial arts will be explored. There will be daily practice of using ‘Tools for Being Alone’- We will pass on skills in being self sufficient in nature and sourcing strength and clarity in yourself and surrounding environment

Expect long days and nights of intensity, laughter, sacred fire, wild swims and epic missions.  We anticipate you’ll leave Camp inspired, purposeful, engaged in your environment and culture, playful, alive, and better able to navigate your life and positively impact your community.

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What will i be signing up for?

Participants will be expected to:

  • Get Really Muddy! – by answering the Call To Adventure, all will participate in a group expedition and overnight camp, practising arts of bushcraft and scouting.
  • Go Deep!– Explore what local tales & traditions mean to you, including a site visit to a renowned local giants cave.
  • Get Wet!– We will travel the sea and sound on a sail-boat expedition, practice neolithic fishing techniques and have some fun in kayaks!
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  • Go Dark! Go Hungry! Go Wild!– An overnight solo challenge, questing for meaning and purpose. Expect to return more you!
  • Become Invisible! – Moving unseen, spotting the unexpected, leaving no trace. Move like a ninja in the landscape with epic games to practice and explore.
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  • Make & Mend! –  We will practice a group craft as well as survival crafts such as fire-making and shelter building.
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  • Bust out the Chores!  Practice the art of Being Truly Helpful through joyful service and getting stuff done.

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  • Keep it Real! – Explore strategies for maintaining the journey during ‘Family Camp’ at the end of the week. 


Parents: How will my teenager be supported?

Meeting around the fire regularly, our team will support, guide and integrate the experience with:

  • Pre-camp conference call for Parents.  Projected May 2017, specific times and dates available following bookings.
  • Coyote Mentoring- We use a highly effective teaching style through the empowering experience of curiosity-driven discovery; instead of simply being inundated with information.
  • One to One interviews during camp.
  • Tales of power- Facilitation of personal storytelling, creative expression and song will accompany the participants throughout the journey.
  • Family Camp – A chance for the group to showcase what they have experienced and for their ‘significant others’ to celebrate and share the transformation that’s taken place. We therefore will be inviting you as parent/ guardian to share in the experience from the 29th-30th June. This period of the camp’s design has been proven to form an important foundation for the integration period that will follow your teen’s return home.
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About the Venue.

Camas Outdoor Activity Centre welcomes groups and individuals to its pink granite cottages nestled in an isolated bay on the Ross of Mull, a mile and half away from the road. The aim of the centre is to provide a safe haven for individuals to enjoy the company of their group, the wonder of Scotland’s west coast environment and to offer each person opportunities for personal and spiritual development.

Camas is licensed by the Adventurous Activities Licencing Authority (AALA). All operations undertaken by staff & volunteers are subject to robust training and assessment by our Technical Advisor.

Surrounding the centre is sea, remnant of atlantic rainforest, hills, moors, grazings, as well as ancient and new settlements to discover and explore.

Electricity is generated solely from our wind turbine and solar panels heat water. Food is vegetarian and where possible gathered from our organic garden and polytunnels. Building a community based on nurturing confidence and acceptance is all important.

Camas welcomes a diverse range of groups including youth groups, schools, students and individual adults. The day is framed by morning and evening “reflections” designed to engage staff and guests in contemplation about events of the day, themselves, the environment, past and futures.


About the Tutors

Struck by the presence of some Coyote Camp graduates facilitating a teen programme in Scotland, and recognising the lack of opportunity for teens in Scotland to experience something similar, Rhyddian Knight and Dougie Mackay crowdfunded a journey to the Massachusetts woods (Bear, Wolf and Rattlesnake country) in 2015 to assist with Coyote Camp; gathering the richness of this programme with a view to initiate a similar programme in Scotland.

Douglas Mackay  has built upon a BA in Community Education with over 10 years of youth and community development experience, increasingly using the natural world as a source of learning, wellbeing and cooperation.
As a professional storyteller, he explores the ways that we can learn about the landscape and cultures through the folk arts and the sharing of stories. Amongst other things, he’ll be bringing an enthusiam for fireside ceilidhs under the moonlight at the Hebridean Adventure Camp 2017.

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Rhyddian Knight has spent his professional life as an outdoor practitioner since graduating with an Honours degree in outdoor education in 2000. Rhyddian specialises in residential programmes with marginalised youth and is currently resident instructor at Camas Outdoor Activity Centre; where he lives and works with his partner on behalf of the Iona Community as part of a dedicated staff team.

About the Team:

The course will be delivered by an eclectic & enthusiastic team of resident staff and long term volunteers of Camas Outdoor Activity Centre who will ensure your stay is a well balanced mix of food, fun, energy, contemplation, nature experience and evening entertainment.


Please fill in the online booking form here or at by clicking the link below. Be sure to select: ‘Hebridean Adventure Camp for Teens’ from the Camas booking dates drop down menu.

Cost: £350

Max 14 participants.
[Some Bursaries Available]
9-10 participants= 1 concession available at £100 per person.
11-12 participants= 2 concessions available at £100 per person.
13-14 participants= 3 concessions available at £100 per person.

Please note an additional booking form for parent(s)/guardian(s) attending Family Camp will sent following booking along with details for leaving Camas with your teen.



Background- Our lineage story.

Supported by a lineage of elders (including Apache scout Stalking Wolf, Tom Brown JR, Jon Young, Gilbert Walking Bull and Norman Ingwe Powell) this cultural movement has grown and evolved utilising the best in natural awareness, human development and community building techniques, to bring the best out of teens, offering an experience that is edgy, enjoyable, engaging and unique.

In a direct request from Jon Young, trickster genius Mark Morey and his top team of wilderness experts and tradition bearers have, for 25 years,  delivered the ‘childrens camp’ Tom Brown requested.  Through this lineage, generations of American teens have had the opportunity to participate in a life enhancing summer adventure of epic proportions.  

Using the same essential tools of teaching through curiosity, high velocity action, tradition bearing and tomfoolery, whilst working with the richness of the Scottish wilderness and traditional culture, The Hebridean Adventure Camp aims to offer a top quality, enjoyable, culturally sensitive and transformative experience for teens in Scotland.

The bar has been set in the USA, and the intention is that through this camp the Scottish teens develop the same spark in their eye, assurance in their voice and fire in their heart that our American cousins have been cultivating for the past 25 years.

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