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Here we go again…

Greetings to old friends & new.  Welcome to my spring seedlings, freshly surfacing from an underground sowing during a winter period of renewal with my partner & neighbours.

I’m pleased to announce to the world i’m continuing to take on contracted outdoor education work.  I love it & I’m good at what i do; Contact Me.

Cocurrently,  I’m delivering  courses that are consistent with how i wish the values of regenerative design to be expressed in my home community.

Appeal to contractors

What home community?

My circumstances have changed somewhat; I’m seven acres long & twenty five years wide. Here’s a link heavy paragraph by way of orientation…

My focus is on integrating a busy course schedule here on Leacainn Brae, Inbhir Nis whilst resourcing meeting/events space as well as self employed work in my neighbouring community woodland. Someday, you could run outdoor programs hosted over at my place; that’d be ideal for me.

& if you don’t know; now you know…

Here’s are the courses i’m offering this year with weblinks, PLEASE let the world know!

Occasions & Courses 2015.

Gaelic in the Landscape:

8th-10th May 2015

Reclaiming language, tradition and applying core routines of nature connection to cultural renewal.

Family Fun Permaculture Adventure:
5th -8th August 2015

An affordable, accessible intergenerational family fun/learning holiday.

Stepping into Wildness:
28 October – 1 November 2015

Piloting a progression/pathway/return for staff beyond the Nature immersion programme on behalf of Nature Culture Scotland.

Working Retreats.
28th May – 4th June
6th – 13th June
18th  – 25th September 2015

I’ve joined the scene of facilitating affordable, sometimes free working parties. It’s all about the hazelnuts for Inverness Trees; the native tree nursery is hopefully what will continue to pay the bills & help with the rewilding of degenerated landscapes.

Professional Development

Following positive feedback from work with this age group I have resolved to persue a specific line of inquiry around Rites of Competence for Young Teens. This summer, I will be traveling with a small team to Vermont to help facilitate and learn from Mark Morey of the Institute for Natural Learning.

This feels like a leap that one shouldn’t take alone and I am seeking support and blessings from all well wishers.

We will be crowd-funding for the journey so passing on the good message when it comes your way would really help.

I have set the intention of offering a similar residential summer camp in the Highlands from 2016.


Food, Bread & Volunteer Opportunities:

Having finally built a big one for ourselves, we’ll be integrating all our Cob oven building experience into cooking sourdough regularly for home & Anam Cara courses.

My partner also is continuing her passion for food growing and we are aiming to support this within the constraints of many other commitments by organising a volunteer day for land based work every Wednesday.



Tending the wild edges is where it’s at for resilience where we live we reckon. Laura and I are pleased to announce our involvement in the Fasgadh Project with our neighbours which will help to create a sheltered enclave and edible woodland garden for the 10K odd wayfarers that pass by on the nearby Great Glen way.

As our SEASONAL PARTIES continued to be fun again last year; we hope you’ll come to play. Updates via volunteer run Fasgadh facebook page



Restating love of the campfire cheer; I invite opportunities for camping expeditions with friends by foot, canoe and sea kayak. We’re joining Inverness canoe club to get seaworthy!

Where camping at weekends not possible, I aim to make maximum use of foraging and wild-crafting and trying to make use of all the perennial food tending & gathering available close to home with some like minded people.

We also welcome invites from friends to parties, gatherings and makings on other patches.

Mentoring &/Or Learning Alongside.

On the monetary front i’m not always in a position to pay; but DO CALL if you fancy being part of any of these things.


That was fun to write! It’d be great to get a sense of what’s happening for your year ahead. I want to state again that I continue to be open to mutually beneficial collaborations, so do share your dreams and aspirations; maybe we can make good things happen together.


with Love,



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