Pyromania! rockets to rumfords…

Do you like to burn stuff?  You are not alone!

Fire has been at the heart of community since time immemorial. The Pyro-courses take a sacred and a profane look into this element.

The practical focus looks at ways for heating and cooking on burning wood fuel extremely efficiently. Prices includes food, tuition and materials.



Read on for a list of 1-5 day courses on burning clean and bright…

A One day Pyro Workshop- Cooking with fire

This day workshop focuses on the building of a ‘rocket stove’ cooker or a ‘pocket rocket’ space heater. The principles of rocket stove building can be applied to a number of practical applications. If you don’t arrive with an idea of what rockets can do for you; you’ll certainly leave knowing!

Expect a fun ‘hands on’ day with short, intensive theory sessions.

rocket cook stove- test burn


sam_rocket cook stove - first meal

A weekend Pyro Workshop- Washing with fire

Staring at the night sky from the comfort of a hot bath is one of lifes simple pleasures. This two day workshop focuses on building of an outdoor wood fired hot tub, from iron, cob and a little rocket technology.

This workshop is particularly useful for families/groups or organisations that wish to expand their infrastrucuture to accommodate bathing outdoors.

rocket hot tub- burn tunnel



A five day Pyro Workshop- Heating with Fire

On the building of an outdoor ‘Rumford’ open fireplace. A Rumford is the open fire ‘par excellance’, developed in the 1800’s and today classes in some countries as ‘a clean woodburning device’.  Until recently, it has taken a sophisticated stonemason to craft the precise dimensions needed for the stove to perform to its full potential. Now, through the power of cob, it can be done by anyone, with a little know how, a lot of physical effort and some fine food and company to fuel the workers!

We will cover indoor and outdoor ‘rumfords’ including hearth floors, selecting materials, making a former, working with fire cob and cob construction, Please contact me if you are interested in hosting a course and having a Rumford fireplace constructed at your place.



Rumford Fireplace in use

A six day Pyro Workshop- Heat storage with Fire

Focuses on the building, refining and theory of building a a Rocket Stove Mass heater. RSMH’s are extraordinary wood burning devices that save up to 80% wood. Using thermal mass to retain otherwise lost heat; this is a sophisticated home/workshop heating solution that can be made from free or cheaply available materials.

The design lends itself well to self-build or workshop applications. More information on the stove can be found here. Please contact me if you are interested in hosting a course and a RSMH and bench made at your place.

rocket-stove mass heater




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