page title icon Reasons to be Cheerful!

Sometimes we ask ourselves; whats the point?
Here’s some of mine from 2012…

“We are oddly constructed machines. At one moment all resolution, at the next all doubt…

Today our intellect, our science, all our ‘Lieben und Treiben’ seem but a pitiful Philistinism, not worth a pipe of tobacco; tomorrow we throw ourselves heart and soul into these very researches,consumed with a burning thirst to absorb everything into ourselves, longing to spy out fresh paths, and fretting impatiently at our inability to solve the problem fully and completely.

Then we sink down again in disgust at the worthlessness at it all.

‘As a grain of dust in the balance of the whole world; as a drop of morning dew that falls on the ground.’ If a man has two souls, which then is the right one?

[Fridtjof Nanson, with thanks to Jo Gamwell for ‘Farthest North’ volume 1 and 2.]